Le Creuset Vitesse Decanter and Aerator

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Le Creuset Vitesse Decanter and Aerator

Le Creuset Vitesse Decanter and Aerator
Experience wine theatre performed in your own home! Le Creuset’s elegant design has trancended its functional role to become an essential part of modern wine culture known for its innovation style and enduring quality. The Vitesse Decanter’s unique flow system ensures rapid & complete aeration of wine. It has a dual functionality simultaneously aerating & decanting wines. Aeration is essential especially for young wines to enhance aromas and smooth taste. Decanter is made from lead-free mouth-blown crystal. Decanter Size: 9-7/8’H 8’W 8’D 64 oz. Aerator Size: 3’H 2’W 1-3/4’D

  • Crystalline glass decanter
  • Aerator fits inside decanter to hold a bottle of wine upside-down
  • Aerates wine while filling decanter
  • Increased surface area for continued aeration
  • Hand wash recommended

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