10 Lb Co2 Bottle: New / Empty

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10 Lb Co2 Bottle: New / Empty

This Is A Brand New Co2 Bottle, Made Of A High-Strength, Seamless Aluminum Alloy. This Makes The Co2 Bottle Much Lighter Than Their Steel Counterpart. Being Made Of Aluminum Means The Tank Won’T Rust Either. It Has A Flat Bottom That Makes It More Stable Than Many Other Co2 Tanks. The Tank Can Be Used Both Inside And Outside Of The Refrigerator Equally Well. It Larger Size Will Give You Lots Of Uses Between Refills. A 10 Lb. Co2 Tank Is Enough For Roughly 25 Batches Of Home Brew (5 Gallons) Or About A Dozen 1/2 Barrels Of Commercial Beer. The Co2 Bottles Has A Shut-Off Valve With Male Threads For Attaching Your Co2 Regulator. Every Co2 Tank Has Been Inspected, Tested And Stamped By The U.S. Department Of Transportation (Dot). Due To Shipping Restrictions All Co2 Bottles Are Shipped Empty. Once You Get Them They Can Typically Be Filled At Welding Supply Shops Or Fire Safety Supply. Dimensions: 19-3/4″ Tall, 6-7/8″ Diameter.

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