WineWeaver Wine Aerator with FREE Travel Tote [Black Velvet]

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WineWeaver Wine Aerator with FREE Travel Tote [Black Velvet]

WineWeaver Wine Aerator with FREE Travel Tote [Black Velvet]


Our WineWeaver Black Velvet range fuses together the crystal clear chalice found in our Crystalline range with the timeless elegance of a jet black spout and stand.

Luxurious in looks with incomparable wine aeration results.

WineWeaver is ‘the Sommelier’s Choice’ wine aerator and the Black Velvet range is the newest in our WineWeaver collection.

Opulent and chic, the new WineWeaver Black Velvet wine aerator comes in a stylish presentation gift box, making this wine aerator the perfect gift any time of year.


Aeration, exposing wine to air, broadens its character and helps soften the acidity often found in younger wines, whilst coaxing out those complex tastes hidden in more mature bottles.

Both stylish and practical, WineWeaver’s unique aeration system will gently maximise your wine’s potential to expose its full flavors and aromas.


Offering easy to use handsfree technology, WineWeaver ensures that a wine poured through it is delivered directly to the contours of your glassware, combining the size, shape and curve of your glass in an integral step of the aeration process, whilst the perforations in the spout will naturally weave air into your wine, to unlock its potential

Enjoy using red and white wines


This handy travel bag can house all the essentials for enjoying your wine on the go – whether going to a picnic, dining out, or going to the beach! Perfect for carrying your WineWeaver, this bag also has two internal pockets for housing bottle stoppers or corks plus another pocket for carrying that all-important travel corkscrew. Compact, lightweight and convenient, this tote is made from a durable water-resistant fabric with drawstring cord to close.

  • Unique Patented Adjustable Delivery System for use with wine glasses & decanters
  • Natural aeration to enhance your wine flavors and aromas as you pour
  • Super lightweight design to ensure safe and direct contact on even fine-rimmed glassware
  • Filters sediment & cork and comes with integrated non-drip stand
  • Easy to use, Dishwasher safe & for a limited time only comes accompanied by a

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