WineWeaver – The Ultimate Wine Aerator [Crystalline Purple]

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WineWeaver – The Ultimate Wine Aerator [Crystalline Purple]

WineWeaver - The Ultimate Wine Aerator [Crystalline Purple]
This revolutionary new wine aerator has a super lightweight design and unique adjustable delivery system that’s been specifically designed to work in perfect harmony with today’s glassware. The adjustable spout allows for a smooth delivery across a wide range of wineglasses and decanters and ensures aeration is suited to the shape and size of your glassware. Simply raise the spout to suit your wine glass or lower for use with a decanter. Easy to use and handsfree, WineWeaver ensures that a wine poured through it is delivered directly to the contours of your glassware, combining the size, shape and curve of your glass in the aeration process. The perforations in the spout naturally weave air into your wine, helping to unlock its full potential, whilst also efficiently filtering sediment and cork. The accompanying non-drip stand cradles the aerator between uses and stops any unwanted drips reaching your tablecloth. Our Single Glass and Decanter wine aerator is specially crafted from a super-lightweight FDA and EEC approved polycarbon which ensures safe and direct contact with fine glass and stemware and is dishwasher safe. Enjoyed using red, white and rosé wines.

  • Unique Patented Adjustable Delivery System for use with wine glasses & decanters
  • Natural aeration to enhance your wine flavors and aromas as you pour
  • Super lightweight design to ensure safe and direct contact on even fine-rimmed glassware
  • Filters sediment & cork and comes with integrated non-drip stand
  • Easy to use & dishwasher safe

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