Winemakers Quick Starter

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Winemakers Quick Starter

Winemakers Quick Starter
About This Product: A Special Mix Of 13 Different Foods And Nutrients. Designed Specifically For Pre-Starting Any Liquid Or Dried Wine Yeast. Pre-Starting The Wine Yeast Allows The Fermentation To Start Much Sooner And At A More Accelerated Pace. It Also Allows For A Sounder, More Thorough Fermentation. That Means Less Chance Of Introducing A Contaminant To Your Wine Because Of A Stalled Fermentation. The Result Is A More Stable, Cleaner Tasting Wine That Will Ferment To Its Highest Alcohol Potential. Directions:1. For Every 5 To 10 Gallons Of Must, Boil 3 Level Tablespoons Of Quick Starter With 1 Cup Of Water In A Sauce Pan For 5 Minutes.2. Allow The Mixture To Cool To Below 80 Degrees F. While Covered.3. Add The Cooled Mixture Into A Sterile Wine Bottle Or Similar.4. Pour In The Appropriate Amount Of Dried Or Liquid Wine Yeast. Place A Cotton Ball In The Neck Of The Bottle Or Affix An Air-Lock.5. Keep In A Warm Place, Preferably Between 72-78 Degrees F.6. The Best Time To Add The Starter To Your Must Is Just After Activity Level Has Peaked. This Is Usually Between 6 To 24 Hours For Dried Yeast And 2 To 4 Days For Liquid Yeast.Each 4 Ounce Jar: Is Sufficient For Making Three Yeast Starters.Ingredients: Dextrose (Cas 8030-23-7), Malt Powder, Diammonium Phosphate (Cas 7783-28-0), Soy Albumen, Citric Acid (Cas 77-92-9), Gelitinized Barley, Gelitinized Maize, Malic Acid (Cas 6915-15-7), Tartaric Acid (Cas 87-69-4), Magnisium Sulfate (Cas 7487-88-9), Thiamin Hydrochloride (Cas 67-03-8), Ascorbic Acid (Cas 50-81-7), Tricalcium Phosphate (Cas 1306-06-5).

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