Vacu Vin Wine Gift Set

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Vacu Vin Wine Gift Set

Gift set includes Concerto wine saver with 2 vacuum stoppers, Twister corkscrew with teflon-coated screw, and wine serverFor fans of Chardonnay and Zinfandel alike, this set makes a great gift for a housewarming or holiday party. Rounding out any household wine bar aside from the wine itself, the set includes a corkscrew, wine server, wine saver, and two vacuum stoppers. The set’s attractive presentation and high-quality are typical of products created by its award-winning Dutch manufacturer.

The sleek, Teflon-coated Twister corkscrew pulls corks out with minimal resistance. A plastic and rubber Concerto wine saver preserves wine quality for up to two weeks after opening with a tight seal from one of two matching rubber stoppers. The handy wine server ensures pouring ease while reducing drips and spillage. Wash all pieces with a gentle cleanser. The set accommodates all sizes of wine bottles. The saver measures 6 inches in length with a 4-1/2-inch base. –Jessica Reuling

What’s in the Box
1, 6-inch Concerto wine saver; 1 Twister corkscrew; 2 vacuum stoppers; 1 wine server.

  • Wine gift set featuring corkscrew, wine saver, wine server, and 2 vacuum stoppers
  • Crafted in plastic and rubber with a Teflon-coated screw
  • Sleek, functional design from acclaimed Dutch manufacturer Vacu Vin
  • Concerto wine saver preserves wine quality for up to 2 weeks
  • Saver measures 6 inches in length; set accommodates all bottle sizes

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