Shiraz Wine Ingredient Kit

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Shiraz Wine Ingredient Kit

Vino del Vida makes it possible for you to create your own wine by bringing forth
the fruits of the vineyard. These specially crafted wine kits of pure grape juice and grape juice concentrate allow you to explore the world of winemaking.

Enjoy the whites. Taste the soft fruitiness of Vino del Vida white wines. The flavour is smooth, clean and crisp. The essence of tropical fruit takes flight across your palate. Explore the reds. The colour is rich and deep, and the smooth full flavours linger. Sip a lively, robust Vino del Vida red wine while rekindling the memory of an
afternoon vineyard stroll.

Enjoy the occasion when your personally crafted wines are shared with the best of friends. Sip, savour and enjoy the experience!

Awaken the winemaker in you.

Vino del Vida wine kits combine the benefits of pure juice with the convenience and value of a 4-week wine kit. Many Vino del Vida styles also include oak chips to further increase the complexity of the finished wine.

Start with 9 litres* of premium ingredients to produce 23 litres* of wine. Once bottled, you can enjoy and share your clean, well-balanced Vino del Vida wine.

Australian Shiraz

This deep ruby red wine is well balanced with lively aromas of black pepper, plums and toasted oak. Full-bodied in structure, it is robustly built with chewy tannins and streaks of chocolate leading up to an elegant finish.

Oak-2, Body-4, Sweetness-0

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