Riedel Swirl Decanter

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Riedel Swirl Decanter

Riedel Swirl Decanter
Decanting exposes the wine to more oxygen, thus allowing the bouquet to open up and mature, while the wine’s complexities are further enhanced. The process of decanting also allows any sediment to fall to the base of the decanter, allowing for more clarity and the best wine experience possible. This non-leaded crystal decanter is machine-blown to perfection and features a classic rounded base with sensual lines that graduate up the neck, and a pour spout that is specially designed to advocate a drip-free flow of your favorite vino. Not only does machine-blown crystal give the clarity and beauty that Riedel is known for, but it also cuts the price in half, making it perfect for any new wine enthusiast, and formal and everyday occasions.

  • Machine-blown non-leaded crystal decanter
  • Non-lead crystal
  • Holds 49-7/8-ounce;9-1/2-inches tall
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Classic rounded base with sensual lines that graduate up the neck

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