Metrokane Houdini Wine and Beverage Chiller, Red

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Metrokane Houdini Wine and Beverage Chiller, Red

Metrokane Houdini Wine and Beverage Chiller, Red
Metrokane, founded in 1983, produces the world’s leading line of wine accessories, including the famous Rabbit corkscrew, and continues to develop a host of fresh and innovative tools. Metrokane’s Rabbit Wine and Beverage Chiller is insulated with neopren which is a miracle fabric used in diver’s wet suits. It chills wine, champagne and other beverages faster and longer. It also keeps previously chilled bottles cold for up to two hours, It stretches to fit different bottle sizes.Cool in more ways than one, this adjustable sleeve goes on picnics and trips across town to keep your chilled bottle of wine cold for up to two hours en route. And, it can bring a room temperature bottle to a pleasing chill in just ten minutes. Formed of four sections of neoprene, the same insulating material divers’ wet suits are made out of, with an ice pack in each section, the elasticized sleeve stretches to fit any wine or champagne bottle or a plastic soda bottle up to two liters in size. Simply place the sleeve in the freezer for about four hours before use, slip onto a bottle, and enjoy a cool drink on a hot day. Identical to the Rabbit wine chiller also by Metrokane, the Houdini is available in a choice of four colors-blue, orange, red, and black-and makes a fun gift for the outdoorsy-minded. –Ann Bieri

  • Neoprene sleeve with ice pack insulates glass and plastic beverage bottles
  • Stretches to fit bottles up to 2 liter size
  • Chills bottles in 10 minutes; keeps chilled bottles cold up to 2 hours
  • Place sleeve in freezer for 4 hours before use
  • Available in black and red

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