MacIntosh Fruit Press 5 Gallon

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MacIntosh Fruit Press 5 Gallon

MacIntosh Fruit Press 5 Gallon
The MacIntosh Fruit Press: The perfect press for everyone’s back yard! Turn your apples into delicious juice… and unforgettable family memories… with the MacIntosh Fruit Press exclusively from Pleasant Hill Grain. With solid heavy duty construction, this press is built for quick and easy operation, and many years of reliable, trouble-free service. Fast tip-off design: The MacIntosh Fruit Press’s frame yoke quickly tips out of your way for easy basket loading-and-unloading access. The speed and convenience of this design makes everything work faster and easier. Best materials: With its rugged yoke made of 1.5″ steel tubing, solid oak pressing basket and heavy gauge stainless steel pan, the MacIntosh Fruit Press is built throughout with quality components that make it a joy to handle every time you use it. When shipped, the press legs are bolted down to a wooden board which you can use as a base, or reuse/recycle. The board prevents leg damage during shipment. Five gallon capacity. Press basket dimensions are 9.75″ ID x 15.8″ H.

  • Heavy duty T-handle turns large-diameter Acme screw & creates high pressure with little effort
  • Solid oak pressing basket
  • Full stainless steel juice pan
  • Frame yoke tips to back easily for easy basket access
  • Full 1 year warranty

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