5 Gallon Fruit Wine Making Kit

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5 Gallon Fruit Wine Making Kit

5 Gallon Fruit Wine Making Kit
If you’ve already got fruit and your looking for a package that contains all of the equipment you need plus yeast, wine additives and information, this is the kit for you. Sized for 5 gallon batches, this starter kit includes all basic equipment plus enough yeast and wine additives to make 5 batches of wine from your favorite fruit. Also includes the classic beginners book “First Steps in Winemaking” and “The Winemaker’s Recipe Handbook”. Only the equipment is pictured. Includes (pictured): The Winemaker’s Recipe Handbook (over 100 recipes!), 7.9-gallon fermenting bucket with lid, 5-gallon Better Bottle plastic carboy, designed specifically for fermenting beer & wine, # 10 stopper, 3-piece airlock, Triple scale hydrometer, Bottle brush, Siphon unit (racking cane, 5′ of tubing & springless bottle filler), Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser, Italian double lever corker, 30 #8 x 1.5″ corks. Also includes (not pictured): Nylon fruit bag (18″ x 32″), First Steps in Winemaking, 5 packages of wine yeast, 6 oz yeast nutrient, 6 oz acid blend, 4 oz yeast energizer, 2 oz wine tannin, 1 oz pectic enzyme, 100 campden tablets.

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